Mochi debuts in Puducherry

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Mochi celebrates the opening of its first store in Puducherry. Targeted at a fashionable crowd and young professionals, the product range at Mochi will feature style, quality and the latest international trends. 
“Pondicherry or Puducherry, as it is now known, is a Union Territory with one of the highest levels tourism – both domestic and international. It is also an upcoming market with lots of demand for casual and fancy footwear styles which Mochi looks to tap into. By having a store of 1444 Sq. Ft. in this region, we are not only strengthening our consumer base, but also making our brand accessible to a larger audience. This is our first Mochi outlet in Puducherry and hope to see Mochi’s increasing popularity among consumers” said Farah Malik Bhanji, Executive Director, Mochi.
The new Mochi store will stock more than 10,500 pairs of ladies and men shoes. “We project a high demand for the brand and apart from the travelling NRIs and foreigners we expect customers to also pour in from the nearby areas of Rainbau Nagar, Vengata Nagar, Mutial Pattai and Billiamur to pick our brands exclusively. Requests of mainly casual & fancy footwear for both men and women are expected and Mochi relates to the young and growing y outh population in this region. We hope to reach out to our loyal customers through this debutant store and add one more outlet to Mochi’s collection” adds Farah Bhanji, Executive Director, Mochi.