Mochi increases it footprint

Opens its exclusive outlet at Anand

Mochi –The Shoe Shoppe has opened its first store in Anand today. Currently, Mochi has over 75 outlets in 35 plus cities. Targeted at a fashionable crowd and young professionals, Mochi aims to target the style conscious in the city. The store boasts of a wide product range and scores high on style, quality and the latest international trends.“Anand is one of the fastest growing markets in Western India  with a large youth base that wants to have the best in fashion. Hence it was only fitting for Mochi to open a store in the city and cater to their needs. The store has a large variety of footwear solutions that is updated on a weekly basis.” said Farah Malik Bhanji, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mochi, Soheb Arsiwala, Regional Manager added “The new Mochi store has an area of 1,700 sq. feet and will stock more than 11,000 pairs of men’s and ladies shoes.”

  “Anand is an upcoming market and the  consumers here having a strong tilt towards fashion brands and global/local trends. By opening a store in this region, we hope to strengthen our consumer base by making our brand accessible to a larger audience. Mochi offers consumers an opportunity to shop for all their fashion needs under one roof. We offer casual , formal, party, ethnic and bridal  footwear for men and women. With this new store we see customers flocking from Karamsad, Valasan, Dharmaj, Borsasd, Nadiad, Khambhat and Tarapoor” adds Farah Bhanji, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mochi.

As in all Mochi stores, the product range is customized to fit local tastes and fashion trends. Men’s shoes available in brands like J Fontini, Florsheim, Reebok, etc are priced between Rs.1490- Rs4990 while Mochi and Haute Diva representing the ladies’ footwear range is retailed between Rs. 490-Rs.4990.