Myprotein launches Diwalispecial gift box containing proteinpacked treats

The box has been launched by renowned fitness enthusiast Bani J.

Myprotein is launching a Diwali‐special gift box this week, containing healthy snacking treats like protein bars, cookies and brownies for fitness lovers in India. The box has been launched by renowned fitness enthusiast Bani J.


The special edition box, which has been curated especially for Diwali festivities, contains new bars and snacks launched by Myprotein this month, including Baked Protein Cookie, Protein Brownie and Protein Flapjack, as well as an accessory, a Mini‐shaker.


All three new products are high in protein and provide a healthy alternative to traditional sweets, so that one doesn’t have to miss out on having a sweet treat.


Esha Singh, General Manager, Emerging Markets, Nutrition and Beauty brands, said, “This Diwali we want to give our Indian audience a healthy gifting option. Traditionally we gift sweets and chocolates that are high in calories. Keeping in line with our motto for the snacks range ‘Treat without Cheat’ we want to give an alternative to the traditional snacks with our protein bars, brownies and cookie which is not just rich in taste but also gives you that dose of protein.”


“These snacks are not only for a gym enthusiast but for anyone who wants to take that first step towards a healthier lifestyle. For most of us, this will lay the path for a healthier lifestyle and what better time to start than Diwali,” Singh added.