NEC: Competency Centre in Singapore

NEC Asia Pacific, a leading IT and network solutions provider

NEC Asia Pacific, a leading IT and network solutions provider and systems integrator based in Singapore, and a wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation has established a regional competency centre for public safety solutions in Singapore, to support the public safety business in Asia Pacific.

According to Acuity Market Intelligence, the global market for biometrics core technology is currently valued at US$2.58billon, and this is expected to swell to US$11billion by 2017. Global events such as terrorist attacks on World Trade Center in the U.S. on Sept 11 have catalysed governments around the world to review their national needs to improve and raise the standards for civilian identification.


Asia, home to more than two billion people in China and India, has become an increasingly important market for public safety solutions providers. The Asia Pacific region is expected to generate the greatest percent of revenues for the biometrics industry, with more than 32% of global revenues by 2017, and market dominance for such solutions and services is anticipated to shift from Europe and the US to Asia.
Since the late 1980s, NEC APAC has been steadily growing its capabilities for its public safety business and establishing its foothold in the public sector in Singapore.

Leveraging on NEC’s cutting-edge and world-class fingerprint and facial recognition technologies, NEC APAC has also been successful in implementing several of its public safety solutions in the Asia Pacific over the years, securing several multi-million dollar contracts for government agencies in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

Hence, in view of the growing demand for public safety solutions and services, NEC announced the establishment of the regional competency centre for public safety (RCC-PS) in Singapore from April 2010, to leverage on its expertise in this area to expand its existing capabilities and resources to develop the public safety businesses in Asia Pacific and support the NEC subsidiaries around the world.