NTC in partnership with ROSEBYS

The National Textile Corpration has chosen to join hands with the leading home dcor and lifestyle brand

The National Textile Corpration has chosen to join hands with the leading home décor and lifestyle brand – Rosebys. With this partnership, NTC is hoping to double its capabilities  by amalgamating with Rosebys offering an unmatched quality products to deal with the tough competition in the retail market.


On Monday, Ms Rita Menon, secretary, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India said “The National Textile Corporation in collaboration with repute brand Rosebys (retail perspective) is attacking the retail sector in a big way in the current financial year. In the current year, we are going to open five outlets pan-India. The year 2010 is the year of organised retail in the country. We are sharing the vision with Rosebys.”


She apprised that the companies concerned would open five outlets across the country specifically at Khan Market in Delhi, another in GK after a while. Then, each in  Kolkata, Chennai and Hyderabad in 2010-11. NTC looks positively into the opportunities present ahead to supply its materials to the Common Wealth Games village and others across the country as a whole.


Ms. Menon said, “Textile Industry is one of the largest and oldest industries in India and is also among the world’s top producers of yarns and fabrics. With the quantity and quality of its products ever increasing and improving, this is the right time to involve renowned private players to enhance the overall value of the product. I am sure with the expertise that Rosebys commands and the recognition it has across the globe, we, through NTC, are taking a step forward in the right direction”.


When questioned on the expansion plans, she emphasized on the current opening of the retail outlet, which will be followed by expansion through franchising to target the middle and upper middle class for the products.