ORRA launches jewellery boutique in Madurai

Super Model Niyoosha Beatrice sizzles in a Million Euro Diamond Bustier

ORRA, India’s finest jewellery retail chain announced the launch of its multi level boutique at 241, West Masi Street in Madurai. Adding glamour to the event, super model from Bangalore, Niyoosha Beatrice displayed a stunning range of glittering diamond jewellery, solitaires and gold jewellery in trendy designs created by ORRA. The highlight of the day was the show stopper, Niyoosha who looked ravishing as she showcased A Million Euro Diamond Bustier. This Million Euro Bustier (approximately Rs. 6.5 cr) handcrafted by ORRA’s International Design center with over 500 carats of diamonds is “A one of kind Creation”.


Commenting on the launch, Mr. Vijay Jain, CEO & Director, ORRA said “It gives me immense pleasure to introduce our multi level store in Madurai. The uniqueness of the jewellery and the décor sets this store apart from others. While Orra is a national brand, it understands the requirement of the local market and stocks jewellery in accordance with the demand and taste of our customers.  While the designs cater to the needs of the South Indian consumers, the quality and craftsmanship of our jewellery is unmatched.”


For those who believe in shopping for jewellery in style, ORRA’s 2800 sq ft boutique located on the busy West Masi Street, facing the south gate of the Meenakshiamman Temple is the perfect destination. ORRA prides on its Belgian legacy which dates back to 1888. It is this inheritance that reflects in the design of the new store. Large displays, prominent façade, subtle lighting that highlights the jewellery is what gives the store an international feel.