Olympus: New store in Pune

Olympus Imaging Corporation has inaugurated yet another store as 'Olympus Zone' in the location of Pune.

Olympus Imaging Corporation has inaugurated yet another store as ‘Olympus Zone’ in the location of Pune. The store encases an array of latest gadgets viz, digital cameras, film cameras, voice recorders and lots more under the shed.

With the aim of expanding to the other cities, Pune seemed lucrative location to the company to entice the audience with appropriate ambience and atmosphere. It promises a good experience for the professionals and the amateur audience.

The retail store is located in an approachable segment of Bajirao Road, Sukhravar Peth where, sourcing the range of gadgets and taking the decisions with the help of the trained personnel is easier.


Through the new store, Olympus plans to showcase and retail its latest breakthrough technology products like the ‘Tough’ series namely 14 Megapixel µ TOUGH-8010, µ TOUGH-6020 and µ TOUGH-3000 as well as the PEN series including the award winning avant-garde product PEN EPL-1.


The core aim of the new retail store is to give amicable customer experience with full informative details to the target audience and influence their purchasing decisions.