Online portal for men offers products for men who love to shop online.

It is a known fact that men buy online more frequently as compared to women. Keeping this in mind, a new website has been launched., a complete men centric website, offers products including clothing, bath & body, underwears, watches, fragrances, gym & sports gear, mobiles, gaming consoles etc, it has all the major brands under their belt to cater to almost all needs of men. And not only that, Get Dandy offers the latest in gizmos and gadgets. For women, they can visit this website and pick a gift for men.  

The website offers various deals and vouchers for the buyers.

Their logistics partners include Dart, FedEx, and Aramex who play a vital role in delivering the products to the customers on time. also has a facebook presence where it engages with its users by providing some fashion tips, commandments and other recent updates from the website.

“Shopping is a painful experience for men and they always try to escape; through this site we have given an easy solution for men to shop. Here we cater to all their needs from essentials to clothing, fragrances, watches, body & bath, gym & sports, gizmos etc with the most preferred brands by men. With a large number of users on internet and various social networking sites, the concept of online shopping is growing very rapidly. Through this idea of online shopping we are trying to reduce the time spent in shopping as all the requirements are fulfilled on our website.” says Vaibhav Lall – Co-founder & CMO, GetDandy.