Peps, pepping up

Working around production capacities and offering an international experience.


Peps is working on increasing its production capacity owing to the great market potential. K Madhavan, Managing Director, Peps says, “The market is huge and there is a good demand for the Peps branded product, in order to meet the same, we are planning to expand our current infrastructure of manufacturing at Coimbatore (CBE) by another 60,000 sq. ft and bringing in one new line of coiler and assembler with an investment of Rs 6 crore. It is expected to commission by mid Oct 2012. We have invested nearly Rs 1 crore, recently to upgrade our current establishment at Pune, Maharashtra.”

Peps is growing at an average rate of 70 per cent and is eagerly looking forward for a similar average, which means they will  roughly touch Rs 150 crore by the end of this year. 

They see lot of opportunity in selling PU Foam, simply because they need a substantial quantity for their captive consumption. “We are planning to put up a continuous automatic foaming unit at CBE and we have budgeted roughly around Rs 10 crore towards this project”, says Madhavan.

Bring the international experience to India, tells Madhavan, “In India mattresses are purchased by pressing and bouncing. One should experience the comfort by sleeping, which is how mattresses are sold abroad. We are have started in investing in our retail brand ‘Great Sleep Stores’ a shopping experience, Peps provides a Bed room ambiance displaying our range of products with different comfort levels all in one place. We are looking forward for an investment not less than few crores.”