Power Breakfast meet to generate ideas

Stellar host power breakfast to discuss ideas of Growth.

Power Breakfast meeting on Retail industry, where the “Ideas for Growth” were discussed by the top management gurus of various Retail and Realty sector players like Mr. Pranay Sinha, Mr. Shubhinder Singh Prem, Mr. Bijou Kurien, Mr. Hemchandra Javeri and Mr. Viney Singh, was held at city’s Grand Hotel in Vasant Kunj.


The emphasis of the meeting was on various verticals like service, manpower, attrition rates, footfalls, brand building, human behaviour etc. The mark of the morning was the sincere sharing of case studies and the seriousness towards growth of the industry. The interesting fact discussed was the grading system of cities where everyone agreed that tier based system has flaws as the target audience for retail sector is spread across cities.


“We have seen today in the most part of the conference, the need of collaboration on the peoples front seems to be the need of the hour. Unfortunately, there has been a lot of talk about it but it will take some time to execute something like this. And I think if 5 of the big retailers say that we will make our own certification, then we really don’t need to go to any educational institute for the certification. Our own certification will be very beneficial.  We are big retailers and know our business better than anyone else”, opined Shailja Dutt, Founder and MD, Stellar Search.