Power Circle offers discounts

Promotes '30 seconds promise'; offers Xxtra discounts.

Power Circle has started a strong value proposition of promoting its interesting promise called the “30 seconds promise”.  This promise suggests that on any purchase, the customer can save Xxtra in just 30 seconds by making use of Power Circle’s portal or call centre.

Power Circle has gone live and is open for a limited number of premium consumers earning between Rs 6 lakh and Rs 24 lakh per annum, who can join complimentary with just an invitation code.
Nikunj Bubna, Director of Power Circle, says, “Whenever any Power Circle member thinks of any purchase, be it going for a holiday or having a hair-cut or buying a new smart phone, they can rest assured that they taking advantage of the wide variety of purchases in which Power Circle helps, they will get Xxtra benefits and discounts in the most-hassle free manner with just a simple enquiry generated either online or over the phone quickly within 30 seconds. The enquiry number received via SMS and email by both the member and the vendor will make the vendor eligible for providing the benefit instantly.” He adds, “We are extremely proud to be the first in the country and probably in the world to make such a unique and meaningful promise to consumers and our team of around 100 people across three cities will strive hard to deliver on this promise every single day and every single time.”