Punjab Grill goes overseas

Opens in Bangkok and Abu Dhabi.


Punjab Grill, from the Lite Bite Foods umbrella has gone international. It has recently opened two outlets, each in Bangkok and Abu Dhabi. The outlets are spread across an area of 4,00 sqquare feet and ar e a first from the brand on shores beyond Indian sands. More overseas locations are also set up come up in the times to come.

On the launch, Amit Burman, Chairman, Lite Bite Foods said, "Bangkok and Abu Dhabi were the obvious choices when it came to further expanding Punjab Grill’s presence overseas as both the cities, besides having a sizeable Indian population, are a melting pot of cultures and traditions.These new outlets mark Punjab Grill’s initial steps in the overseas markets. We are now exploring a number of other destinations such as Hong Kong, London, Dubai and Malaysia, besides expanding the brand’s presence in India." 

Earlier this year, Lite Bite Foods bought out joint venture partner Jiggs and Zorawar Kalra’s stake in Wrapster Foods which operated Punjab Grill, for an undisclosed amount.