RIL to launch 5,000 new fuel outlets

The country's biggest private company, Reliance Industries (RIL), is rethinking to open


The country’s biggest private company, Reliance Industries (RIL), is rethinking to open
new 5,000 outlets in the near future.

The fuel stations which were forced to shut down due to uncompetitive prices placed by
the government would lead the race. Around 750 outlets already existing would start up
initially and the company would eventually increase the number after diesel prices are
completely deregulated.

The company is looking forward for retail space especially in the north and the east,
where it does not have a presence. Also, it is taking a fresh look at already identified
locations to find if those have now come to be served by BPCL, HPCL or IOC pumps.
The company, at present, has its presence in 12 states and plans to have its footprints in
other states too.

The company also has retail model at petrol pumps known as ‘The Avon Plazas' where
it provides all sorts of facilities to customers, such as restaurants, telephone facilities and
lavatories. It also plans to open pumps with garages, where trucks and other vehicles can
be repaired.

Analysts say that RIL should gain from the deregulation of the petrol prices as it
currently has around 1,500 outlets ready to tap gasoline marketing margins. It can
compensate for lower prices of diesel with the profit margin in petrol prices.