Reliance Retail to expand cash-and-carry

Reliance Retail plans to convert some of its hypermarkets into wholesale cash-and-carry stores.

Reliance Retail plans to convert some of its large hypermarkets into wholesale cash-and-carry stores in a bid to quickly scale up operations, and gain market share.

The Reliance Mart hypermarket in Bhopal's Aashima Mall is under renovation and expected to reopen in February, as a cash-and-carry store.

Ashish Jain, Marketing Manager, Reliance Retail, SAID, “After renovation, this store will also cater to consumers apart from traditional kiranas.”

Reliance is setting up its wholesale stores in locations where the concentration of kiranas is high, as it would be easier to make them customers rather than competing with them, say analysts.


 An official spokesperson from Reliance Retail, said, "We continue to evaluate our offerings and realign them in specific locations to ensure their viability.”