Rockman Group brings Beer Parlours in India

Following the Haryana government's recent approval of setting up micro beer brewery pubs, the Rockman group is gearing up to launch India's first Beer Garden in Gurgaon
First time in India, freshly brewed beer will be available to people in malls and pubs. Following the Haryana government’s recent approval of setting up micro beer brewery pubs, the Rockman group is gearing up to launch India’s first Beer Garden in Gurgaon with in the next three months with an investment of over Rs 100 crore. The company is in Joint Venture Agreements with Lowenbrau Buttenheim, Beckman De Bassus, leading companies from Germany for the branding, technical know how, and engineering of Beer Gardens in India. These gardens will serve fresh non-pasturised beer. Currently two Beer Gardens proposed. Spread over 6,000 sq ft (inside and mall) and 6,000 sq yards for the open area, the first two Rockman Gardens will be located in Ambience Mall, Gurgaon and Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway. Apart from selling beer, these Gardens will also have a shopping centre where one can find everything connected to beer drinking––such as bottle openers, kegs, mementos and exotic beer mugs. German-based Kaspar Schulz and Weyermann will offer Bavarian crockery & cutlery, interiors design and furniture & fixtures for the same project. Through Beer Garden the company would try to target the young generation and consumers above 50 years. Rockman also plans to develop some unique beer styles suitable to the Indian palate and consumption. CS Agarwal, Managing Director, Rockman Group says,” Our beer gardens will house breweries producing these unique and different beer styles. The ambience will be different from pubs and hotel bars. The world`s largest traditional beer garden, Hirschgarten in Munich, has a seating capacity of over 8,000 people. Brewing the beer in front of consumers, the beer garden provides the lush green surroundings. Keeping this tradition intact, Rockman plans to expand in places like Goa, Maharashtra, West Bengal in India and also in Singapore, the greatest tourist hub in Asia.