Seiko : Watches up to Rs 15 lakh in India

The Japanese premium watch manufacturer, Seiko, launched


The Japanese premium watch manufacturer, Seiko, launched watches priced up to the
mark of Rs 15 lakh, in India.

The company plans to have head-to-head competition with its rival brands like Rado and

The company, which has been in India through its subsidiary Seiko Watch India for the
last three years, sells around 253 watch models with prices starting from Rs 5,200 to Rs
60,000 a piece.

This time the company plans to broach two to three collections of luxury models. It has
streamlined to introduce its global brands ‘Galante’ and ‘Grand Seiko’ costing up to Rs
15 lakhs. Besides the company also plans to bring the 'Ananta' range priced between Rs 1
lakh and Rs 5 lakh, this year.

The company considers Indian market to be with great potential and it aims to become
one of the top five brands in the next five year. Looking at the growth rate of 43 per cent,
the company is optimistic to reach the target.