Sharp engages retailers

Air purifier which can increase the profit of retailers and channel partners


Sharp has introduced Air Purifiers equipped with their Patented Plasmacluster Ion Technology for India Market a little over six months earlier. This range of Air Purifiers has been a quiet achiever for the Japanese company.Sharp also announced its achievement of 4 crore users till June 2012 for Plasmacluster Ion Technology, the highest in the world for Air Purification.

Sharp will partner with a retailer when carrying out these activities: the most recent ones are Vijay Sales, Reliance Autozone and other regional retails in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata & Bangalore which achieved over 400 unit sales in three weeks. 

Sharp Business Systems India Limited’s Product Head, Shuvendu Mazumdar said, “Clearly there is a consumer need that is not currently being met by most Retailers. We will use the knowledge gained from consumers to further advance the penetration into this thinly tapped market”.