Sony tops eBay's Battle of Gadgets Q3 Rankings

Non metros continue to buy more gadgets than metros.

eBay India released the Quarterly Battle of the Gadget Rankings for the most popular gadget models & brands based on an analysis of all gadget transactions on eBay India from July 1, 2012 to September 30, 2012. The research report showcases interesting trends of India’s Top Gadget Cities, Models & Brands across five popular gadget categories of Mobile Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Digital Cameras, & Televisions. Tablets, which earlier was part of the Laptops Category has been separated and highlighted as a new significant electronics category.

The most popular gadget brand has been taken over by Sony with 20 per cent of market share across the gadget categories of Mobile Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Digital Cameras, & Televisions on eBay India. The most popular brands are Sony in the Mobile Phones category, Dell in the Laptop category, iBerry in the Tablets category, Nikon & Canon in the Digital Camera category & Samsung in the TV Category. On an average day on eBay India, a mobile handset sells every two minutes, a laptop sells every 23 minutes, a tablet sells every 11 minutes, a digital camera sells every 20 minutes & a TV sells every
43 minutes on eBay India.
Abhimanyu Lal, Head – Category Management, eBay India, says, “eBay India’s wide range of gadgets across brands, models & budgets, provides gadget lovers easy access to the best deals in a trusted online shopping experience. Gadgets are also a very popular purchase for non metro consumers as eCommerce helps bridge distribution gaps in their city. Purchases from non metros have gone up by 27 per cent in this quarter.”