Subhiksha's new plan for store improvement

Subhiksha has decided to upgrade its stores all over the country
Subhiksha has decided to upgrade its stores all over the country. The Company is concentrating on decorating the stores in terms of good lighting, ventilation and stores’ layouts. It aims the customers to easily navigate and get accessed to their desired products. “The improvements have already been started in a few stores. Before the completion of the store-revamping, it has been experienced that the sales have augmented by 55-70% and the customers’ walk-ins have increased. Scrutinizing this potential in refurbishing the stores, we have determined to bring alterations in all the Subhiksha stores across the country,” said Susmita Misra, Vice President (Marketing) to our reporter Subhro Prakash Ghosh. Albeit the spending rate depends on the sizes of the stores, but Subhiksha is investing near about Rs. 2.5 lakhs behind each store. Despite stepping into a big project, Susmita Misra confirmed, the Company will continue to provide the discount behind each product to the customers that it has practiced for years. She also said, “Our new venture is totally dedicated to the customers get better services. The stores will be decorated in such a manner that the customers will get effortless accessibilities to the products. On the other hand, the lightings, billing system and AC will also be developed to draw the customers’ attention.”