Sushi and More enters Mumbai

Take-away authentic Japanese cuisine customised for Indian customers

Sushi and More, the fresh food division of Maidoindia has launched its first stand-alone store in South Mumbai. The new outlet offers a range of freshly prepared take-away Japanese cuisine including Sushi, Tempuras, Gyozas, Bento Boxes and much more, customised to the taste and the wallet of the average Indian consumer.

The store aims to attract Indians customers into trying authentic Japanese cuisine. Harry Cheng, director, Maidoindia, elaborates, “We aspire to strike the right balance in customising Japanese cuisine for the Indian palette, while being careful not to compromise on its authenticity and we have designed an exciting and innovative menu to achieve this.”

Products such as Kikkoman soy sauces, miso soups, wasabi pastes, etc. are also available at this shop.

“Our menu is a combination of the basic ingredients from Japan, the freshest ingredients from local sources and application of Japanese methods of hygiene, food safety, cooking and storage”, explains Chef Shreeya Mitra, in-charge of this outlet.

The company has aggressive expansion plans and is planning to open 100 stores in the next five years.