The Beauty Center Group Aims 20 Stores In The Next 10 Years For Expansion

Beauty Centre is widely known for its unbelievable pricing and unmatched offers, throughout the year.

The leading beauty and cosmetic retail group ‘The Beauty Center Group’ has planned to set up 20 new stores in next 10 years across India.

The Mumbai based TBCG presently operates with 4 stores Beauty Centre, New Beauty Centre, The Beauty Shop and 1st Beauty across Mumbai. The company aims to expand its stores across 17 cities like Pune, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Surat, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Indore, Jaipur, Allahabad, Ranchi and Kerala with 1 store each in the respected cities where else cities like Chandigarh, Delhi, and Bangalore will have 2 stores each respectively.

The Beauty Centre Group which entered the retail beauty segment in 1990 is all set to build its presence in India’s billion-dollar beauty and cosmetics market. The expansion is a part of company’s approach to fulfill the ever-growing demand and satisfy the needs of consumers in the beauty and cosmetic segment. The store will consist of all the beauty and cosmetic products only for B2C and B2B segments under one roof.

Speaking over the expansion plan, Mr. Sufyan Kapadia, Director, The Beauty Centre Group said, “Beauty and personal care market in India is expected to touch $20 billion by 2025 growing at an annual rate of 13-18 percent. We are going to open 2 stores each year in India over the next 10 years. We are growing at high double-digit and have reached at Rs.200 cr turn over this year. We expect to hit the Rs.1,000 cr turn over with the hit of new 20 store milestone in the country.”

“Beauty Centre will bring convenience plus rich beauty and cosmetic shopping experience for the people across various cities. We are a consumer-driven company, which ensures that all our stores fulfill the needs of the entire beauty and cosmetic brands under one roof. The great offerings that we provide to our customers both in terms of quality and discount pricing have helped us earn the trust of millions of consumers across the country. One of the reasons of expansion is due to the concept of “Feel & Touch” still rules the consumer's mindset and the requirements we receive from across India at times makes it difficult for us to deliver the products on time. With the new retail stores, it will become more convenient for our consumers to physically visit and buy the products and they can also purchase it from our online e-commerce portal as well,” he added.

The company will be looking to invest an amount of Rs.100-150 cr for all the 20 outlets of around 3000-4000 square feet dimensions. Currently, with a workforce of 720 people only in Mumbai across its 4 major outlets, TBCG plans to create at least 3,600 new jobs within its new stores across various cities in India.

Beauty Centre is widely known for its unbelievable pricing and unmatched offers, throughout the year. With over 6000 products under 200 brand of various categories, The store offers a wide range of products for men and women through leading brands in addition to salon and spa furniture’s, salon machinery & accessories, hair tools, hair colors and skin care products under its B2B segment at Beauty Centre.