Triangle enters India with FXE

Targets HNIs; to sell 7000-8000 units in next five years.

Triangle, the French luxury audio brand, has entered the Indian soil under an exclusive distribution partnership with FX Entertainment. The brand targets the HNI audience in India as the product price range starts from Rs. 62,600 and goes upto Rs 44 lacs. “India is a large country, with people aspiring and also having the affordability of acquiring luxury. We see a huge potential in the market and expect to sell 7,000-8,000 units in the next five years,” says Aurelie Gonzalo, Exports Head (Asia Pacific Region), Triangle.

FX Entertainment, which has brought in brands like Cambridge, Mordaunt-Short, Elipson, Quadral, Norstone to India, operates across country with 40 point of sales including two 100per cent franchised FX stores, one each in Ludhiana and Kolkata, plans to add 5 new exclusive FX Entertainment stores.

Talking about investment in dealer owned stores, “the store can be about 2,000 sq ft and the dealer will have to invest about Rs 50 lacs in the products,” says Shane Choithramani, Managing Director, FX Entertainment.

FX Entertainment is also looking at moving to countries including Nepal, Bhutan, Burma and Bangladesh in next two years.