US No. 2 sportswear brand, Under Armour to enter New Delhi

The second largest sportswear brand in America, Under Armour, is planning to enter India.

The brand is currently in talks with many big e-retailers in the country. Under Armour is spearheaded by founder and CEO Kevin Plank. The underdog strategy, which makes them tie up with lesser known athletes in the US, as against Nike that has the best of athletes under its radar, is what has made brand Under Armour a huge success in the US.   

Celebrities such as wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has been seen wearing Under Armour gear in movies such as Fast and Furious 6. In contrast to the famous Nike’s “Just do it” tagline, Under Armour has a rather humane “I will” tag. Some of the world’s largest brands including Nike, Adidas and Puma are betting on India’s Rs 6,000-crore sportswear market that constitutes of apparel, footwear and accessories. While Adidas has got the government nod to open its own stores here, Puma is tagging along with Nike to make more Indians wear branded sportswear.