Vadilal's artisanal gelato outlet

Vadilal's GenNext, Aastha Gandhi sets up operations.

Following the footsteps of Vadilal Gandhi, who set up Vadilal’s first business venture a century back, his great great grand-daughter Aastha Gandhi has ventured out on her own to set up a new business for Vadilal Industries Limited. On Women’s Day, she will be opening India’s first artisanal gelato outlet, 'Melt in', in Ahmedabad.

After extensive training in making gelatos in Italy, the young Vadilal scion will herself make a dozen gelato recipes to be served at the outlet. Over the next few years, she plans to set up such niche artisanal gelato outlets in Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore. The in-house gelato lab at 'Melt in' has imported equipment from Italy. A French chef was roped in to design the kitchen, prepare the non-gelato menu and to train the outlet’s in-house chefs.
Commenting on this brand new venture of the company, Aastha Gandhi said, “Artisanal gelato or Italian ice cream is much more than low fat ice cream. With melt in, we will serve fresh gelatos made on a daily basis at the outlet itself and not at a factory. We will give Indian customers an unforgettable experience of having freshly made artisanal gelato in the original Italian style.”
Devanshu Gandhi, Managing Director of Vadilal Industries Ltd said, “Melt in will be a first-of-its-kind outlet in India to offer fresh and lab-made gelato in 12 different flavours. With a refreshing format and menu, we aim to largely target the youth and the premium market segment through this new venture. With specialised training from Italy and being young herself Aastha will gel well with the youth through her gelato venture. We are happy that after the first soda-fountain shop set up by the founder of the Vadilal group a century back in 1907, the fifth generation member from our family has forayed into a unique and niche business. We will offer our customers a completely new and pleasant experience through melt in.”
Aastha Gandhi has completed an advanced gelato training programmed at Carpigiani Gelato University in Italy and thereafter interned at Carpigiani Gelato Lab. 
“When you enter melt in, you are served fresh homemade gelato made right behind the counter. What is so special about a gelato you wonder? Gelato contains less fat and less air, thus enabling a richer flavour experience. It is never served too cold, so that your taste buds are more alive while you savour our gelatos. At melt in, we take this rich art of gelato-making and take it to the next level, by mastering the best techniques in the world and developing uniquely Indian flavours,” added Aastha Gandhi.
Strategically located in Ahmedabad,'Melt in' would serve savouries like wraps, beverages and bakery items apart from artisanal gelato that would offer customers a different experience all together.