Von Dutch to start India journey

The apparel line includes watches, bags, accessories, denims and footwear.

Dream Theatre prepares to tap the youth by bringing home the Von Dutch heritage of apparel and accessories. Denoting faultless craftsmanship, a rock-n-roll attitude, and most significantly, originality and individuality, Von Dutch is an expression of many spirits. As the originator of ‘pin striping’ motorcycles and cars to the creation of the unique ‘Kustom Kulture’, artist Kenny Howard’s personality delights fans across continents. The brand has already carved a trendy niche in Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Macau, Taiwan Brazil and Italy, and Von Dutch’s arrival in India is a big step up for the brand’s timeline.

It’s a viable time for Dream Theatre to hit the Indian market with this concept as it is brimming with demand from upwardly mobile youth. The brand’s one-of-a-kind designs and iconic signage are sure to break through the fashion clutter. Retailers of all sizes and forms across India will soon be in line to stock up on this fashion phenomenon. 

According to Terry Hauss, CEO of Von Dutch, "I am proud to be working with Dream Theatre for the Von Dutch brand. I have known Jiggy George for more than 15 years and always found him to handle himself and his business in a very professional manner. India is a very important market for the Von Dutch brand and we welcome Dream Theatre in identifying and signing new licensees and distributors. I am confident that Dream Theatre will be able to educate the people of India with the long-standing heritage of Von Dutch and its rich and enduring past and the company’s future direction. 

CEO and Founder of Dream Theatre Pvt. Ltd, Jiggy George, feels, “Indian youth have been increasingly believing in freedom of expression, and have been voicing their views in cultural and political affairs alike. It’s an apt time to introduce a brand that embodies creativity and individuality so strongly.”

The apparel line includes watches, bags, accessories of various shapes, denims and footwear.