Wincor Nixdorf's 100,000th license sale

Wincor Nixdorf, a Germany-based global provider of innovative IT solutions

Wincor Nixdorf, a Germany-based global provider of innovative IT solutions to retail banks
and retailers, continues its success story in the area of store software for retail companies the
world over with the sale of the 100,000th license for its TP Application Suite software. The TP
Application Suite is an integrated software package that links retail-specific processes in stores
to ensure smooth operations at the checkout and provide premium customer service.

“The quality of the TP Application Suite solution and the sheer breadth of its functionality are
both significant reasons that have led to the success of this software the world over,” said Vipin
Sharma, Retail Director, Wincor Nixdorf India Pvt. Ltd.

“With the organized retail sector in India growing rapidly, we see this solution playing a crucial
role in ensuring retailers benefit from a technological and a business standpoint. The TP
Application Suite will provide Indian retailers easy integration capabilities, modern software
architecture, extensive functionality, for example, by administering all the stores across different
locations from headquarters and offering critical consumer insights,” added Sharma.

In the last six years, the retail software suite has proven its worth in more than 100 retail
companies around the world including one of the largest organized retailers in India.
The store components integrate self-service checkouts, payment stations, mobile solutions for
self-service shopping, electronic shelf labeling systems, reverse vending machines that recycle
containers and cash management automation systems.

Whether a retailer needs to update software, parameterize individual checkouts in its stores,
ensure targeted and coordinated campaigns and promotions or monitor individual stores, TP
Admin software, part of the TP Application Suite, can perform all these tasks comfortably from
one central location.