With launch of its shopping platform in US, Google joins e-commerce race

The move is part of the company's plan to take onAmazonin the burgeoning e-commerce space.

Google has launched its new shopping platform for users in the US. The move is part of the company’s plan to take on Amazon in the burgeoning e-commerce space.

If users access Google’s new shopping platform logged into their Gmail account, the feature will greet them by their names and show tailored suggestions.

Initially, Google does not intend to begin building warehouses to stock products but is looking to point shoppers in the direction of a handful of selected retailers like Costco and Target.

According to reports, “Search for an item and the new site will point you towards products for sale in Google’s own store for devices like Google Home speakers or from its chosen third-party sellers.”

The shopping platform will also sell some products with a ‘Buy with Google Guarantee’, that would promise a refund for shoppers if the recommended retailer fails to deliver on time.

Prior to introducing it in the US, the company tested the shopping platform in some parts of the world, including India and France.