Woodland turns eco friendly

Plans to add 60 retail stores in India this year.

Woodland, the pioneering brand in the outdoor wear space, plans to open 60 outlets during the current financial year in India.

“Demand is growing for Woodland products and so is our reach. We are already a 350-store strong retail chain and we plan to add another 60 stores within this financial year,” Harkirat Singh, Managing Director, Woodland India.  

Woodland has always focused on outdoor products. Footwear has been its primary product line since inception that lately got expanded into apparels and other accessories as per the need of outdoor loving people, aptly called Woodlanders.

Doing its bit for nature, he says, “Woodland has always been an outdoor and adventure brand that has close association with nature and environment. Whatever we do, it will never be against the environment, but rather in consonance with it. It is this connection that has been the soul of the brand.”

“Woodland connects with nature not only through its promotions, but also through its processes and practices. Woodland plans to leverage this association more strongly to further strengthen the brand by changing over its entire range of shoes and apparel to quality eco-friendly products — made with materials and chemicals that do not harm the nature; by making the manufacturing process less harmful to the environment; and by communicating and promoting the brand on the same lines. The intent is to make ‘eco-friendliness’ as Woodland’s brand recall,” he adds.