Yum! On an expansion spree in India

Yum! Brand Inc is expecting to surge its profits to reach $100 million

Yum! Brand Inc is expecting to surge its profits to reach $100 million
by 2015. Looking at the young generation, contributing to 70 per cent
of the population, who have a bent towards fast food, the company gets
a strong boost to expand rapidly in the market.

Yum! Brands has around 74 KFCs in 13 Indian cities as well as 159
Pizza Huts spread across 33 cities. In March 2010, Yum! Brands also
announced the opening of the first Taco Bell in India by its
international division. This store has been well received since its
inception with transactions exceeding 1000 per day. According to
management, the overall numbers for KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco bell will
likely hit 1000 units by 2015.

The Indian operational head of the brand declared in November that the
company would invest about $150 million to enhance its presence among
the fast-food lovers in around 60 cities and also increase the staff
members accordingly.

Presently, the company’s growth strategy thrives on its presence in
emerging markets such as India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia,
Vietnam and Brazil, as these economies are growing at a fast pace.

Yum! Brands is the worldwide leader in multi branding, which offers
consumers wide range of choice at one restaurant location from a
combination of KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, A&W or Long John Silver’s
brands.  The firms believe major long-term growth drivers will be new
unit openings and international expansions.