AFC Furniture Solutions Acquires Wipro Enterprise's Furniture Brands
AFC Furniture Solutions Acquires Wipro Enterprise's Furniture Brands

Building on its vision of expansion, India’s largest workplace furniture manufacturing solution company - AFC Furniture Solutions announced its acquisition of brands Xbench, Vibrant, and Livo designed and owned by the furniture business of Wipro Enterprises. 

This acquisition comes as a critical jump in the brand's effort to expand its operations across the length and breadth of the country.

Keeping innovation at heart, AFC has always been at the forefront of being a sustainable brand. Their expertise in green and sustainable manufacturing practices, following all the necessary regulatory compliance, is what sets them apart from the others in the industry. The foundation of AFC happened with a vision of providing the best possible delivery timelines in response to the Great Recession when companies understood the real meaning of modular mobile furniture. Rapidly progressing in this space, the brand managed to have a 100 percent Make-in-India model, even before the concept took off on a national level. 

The story of AFC Furniture Solutions has been an impressive one. The brand started its operations in 2008 and has been setting milestones with its multiple initiatives. At a time when the concept of green manufacturing and sustainability was just picking up, AFC set up its own manufacturing unit in Noida with pan-India service capability, and regulatory certifications and compliances for green manufacturing in 2010. By 2019, they had launched a new manufacturing setup with a 2.5 lakh sq. ft. area with machines imported from Germany and Italy. Over the years, AFC has established itself as one of the largest organizations by scale in North India with in-house quality testing labs.  

AFC’s role doesn’t end with providing the best furniture solutions. They also focus heavily on the welfare of society. They have been providing an end number of employment opportunities, and educational grants to the people living in the vicinity of the operations. Along with this, they are also actively participating in environment-centric activities. 


During the pandemic period, AFC emerged as an organization working for the frontliners across industries and sectors. Being a major supplier for the majority of the country’s private banks, AFC had its workforce work round-the-clock during the tough times of COVID-19. During the pandemic, the challenge was to come up with agile work-from-home (WFH) solutions with a core focus on ergonomics while ensuring the cost of the end product does not skyrocket. Along with other logistic challenges, the organization overcame this when they managed to successfully deliver an order from an IT giant to provide over 30,000 WFH combos, consisting of workstations and chairs, in record time with negligible spillage.

Manoj Tomar, Founder, and MD, AFC Furniture Solutions said, “We were faced with a challenge to improvise WFH solutions for a leading IT giant during the pandemic and came up with an agile supply chain strategy to fulfil the same in a record time for over 1,00,000 employees spread across India. We are constantly striving to scale up in the remote working segment and meet consumers’ demands.

Since its inception in 2008, the intent of the brand has always been to provide the best delivery timelines. To acquire the aforementioned brands of furniture business of Wipro Enterprises must be the beginning of exciting chapters ahead for the brand. It’s not only going to aid their expansion strategy but will also help them manage the ever-evolving expectation of the post-pandemic world!

Manoj Tomar, Founder, and MD, AFC Furniture Solutions said, “We have come a long way from where we started, and it’s just the beginning of the marathon; there is a long path to be covered for us to emerge as pioneers in providing the best value and solutions. Immensely thankful for this wonderful journey, we are set for the surprises and challenges the path ahead has in store for us.

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