Alia Bhatt Unveils Kids' Clothing Brand 'Ed-a-Mamma'

The self-funded start-up brand caters to children in the age group of 2-14 years.
Alia Bhatt unveils kids' clothing brand 'Ed-a-Mamma'

Alia Bhatt, celebrated actor, philanthropist and investor, has launched her own conscious clothing apparel brand Ed-a-Mamma. The self-funded start-up brand, caters to children in the age group of 2-14 years. Ed-a-Mamma is a completely homegrown brand, which resonates with the ‘Vocal for Local’ ethos.

The maiden run of the brand comes in three collections, including Veggie Squad, Friends of the Ocean, and Candyland, with apparel for little girls and boys ranging from tops, tees and shirts, skirts, dresses, jumpsuits and bottoms. Each collection features unique, signature prints. The clothes are environment friendly, made from natural fibres with plastic-free buttons and trims, echoing Bhatt’s vision of nurturing a love for nature among children. The brand goes one step further and uses the leftover fabric to make hair ties and little potlis. Currently available on, the brand has sold nearly 70 percent of its first season’s collection within six weeks of launch.

Ed-a-Mamma is pegged on storytelling and engaging with children at multiple levels. It seeks to create a conversation with its core target audience, inculcate good habits, and encourage children to adopt environment-first practices, kindness towards animals, and make better choices.

Alia Bhatt unveils kids' clothing brand 'Ed-a-Mamma'

Alia Bhatt’s passion for conservation is a well-known fact. She started Coexist, an online platform that highlights ecological and animal welfare issues, to learn more about what impacts the environment and share her learnings with others. She also started Mi Wardrobe is Su Wardrobe (MiSu), a closet sharing initiative, roping in industry friends and colleagues to expand the scope of conversation around conservation.

Speaking about the brand, Bhatt, said, "This is a time of great uncertainty for the whole world. The universe is sending us a message: that if we mess with nature, there is a price we all have to pay. If there is a way when we can coexist with nature, include a way to care for nature in everything we do, it would go a long, long way. I’ve tried doing this with a universe of products for children. Every detail does its bit for mother nature. Be it non-synthetic garments, buttons that don’t use plastic, seed bombs that help you grow a garden. Why children’s products? To catch them young and create a love for nature at an early age."

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