Amazon India Expands Fulfilment Network in Tamil Nadu

The e-commerce giant has almost doubled the storage capacity in the state this year.
Amazon India Expands Fulfilment Network in Tamil Nadu

Amazon India has expanded its fulfilment network in Tamil Nadu by almost doubling its storage capacity this year. The fulfilment infrastructure will offer storage space close to 4.4 million cubic feet to sellers in the State.

The e-commerce giant launched a new fulfilment centre (FC) and a specialised FC for large appliances and furniture in Coimbatore. The company would also 'quadruple' its storage capacity at an existing centre in Chennai.

In Tamil Nadu, Amazon India would have six fulfilment centres and double its storage capacity with close to 4.4 million cubic feet spread across a carpet area of more than one million square feet. The buildings are ready and operational ahead of the festive season and can support more than 50,000 sellers besides generating thousands of direct and indirect jobs.

Prakash Dutta, Vice-President (Customer Fulfilment Operations) and Supply Chain, Amazon India, said, "Tamil Nadu continues to be a significant region for us, and we are elated to further deepen our investment in the state. This network of six fulfilment centres offering a storage capacity of more than 4.4 million cubic feet will provide a fillip to sellers as well as ancillary industries including packaging, transportation, logistics." 

"While we continue to prioritise the safety of our teams and customers, we are confident that this expansion will help us enhance the customer experience in Tamil Nadu, during and beyond the festive season," he added.

The expansion in Tamil Nadu was part of Amazon's plan to increase its fulfilment network by close to 40 percent across the country and to provide a total storage capacity of 43 million cubic feet to its sellers.

"Of the six FCs in Tamil Nadu, two of them are specialized buildings and will house tens of thousands of products in the large appliances category consisting of air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, and televisions and a selection of products in the furniture category," the company's statement stated.

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