Aveda X Nykaa Salon Expands Offline Presence, Opens Store in New Delhi

The retail concept of the salon in Khan Market, Delhi, communicates the brand'sclose relationship with nature, echoing quality, simplicity, and tranquillity.
Aveda X Nykaa Salon Expands Offline Presence, Opens Store in New Delhi

Salon enthusiasts in the capital now have a new destination for scalp-to-soul℠ experiences. Aveda, the global leader in prestige hair care, and Nykaa, India’s leading omnichannel beauty and lifestyle destination, are set to open doors to Delhi’s first Aveda X Nykaa salon. Spread across an aesthetically designed 1,400 sq. ft in the Khan market, the salon is set to be a calm and tranquil zone to satisfy the care and styling needs of consumers seeking a transformative hair experience.

The Aveda X Nykaa salons will build and expand Aveda’s global network of salons while leveraging Nykaa’s retail prowess and understanding of the Indian consumer. They will be a one-of-a-kind unisex lifestyle destination, providing 100 percent vegan premium Hair services - Color, haircut styling, and haircare along with exclusive rejuvenating rituals.

Rohan Vaziralli, GM, ELCA Cosmetics Private Limited said, “After an extremely successful launch in Bangalore, we are ecstatic to be launching our second salon in the capital city. Through our world-class products, services, and hair care regimes we aim to position Aveda as the #1 Prestige Retail haircare brand in India, with a unique high performance and clean beauty differentiation. With trusted and proven Botanical science that Aveda has to offer coupled with the quintessential Nykaa experience tailor-made for the Indian consumer we aim to elevate the consumer’s hair care experience.” 

Anchit Nayar, CEO of E-commerce Beauty, Nykaa said, “With a growing focus on wellness and sustainability, our consumers are actively seeking products and services that are environmentally friendly at their core. This presents New Delhi as a prime market in India to launch the second Aveda X Nykaa Salon, after a spectacular response from Bangalore. We are confident that our trusted retail expertise infused with Aveda’s advanced hair care offering rooted in Ayurveda, will provide an unparalleled salon experience to consumers seeking tailor-made hair care solutions.

The retail concept of the salon in Khan Market, Delhi, communicates the brand's close relationship with nature, echoing quality, simplicity, and tranquillity. In addition to hair services such as haircuts, color, and style, the Aveda X Nykaa salon houses various stations such as spa rooms, manicure pedicure stations, as well as hair and makeup stations. Patrons will be able to enjoy several of Nykaa’s best-selling beauty offerings at the salon, besides the Aveda range of hair care products. The offerings available are also customizable, which include hair treatments such as Botanical Therapy that assist hair and scalp imbalances. The services offered to focus on entirely curating an experience that leaves you feeling relaxed and satisfied from scalp to soul℠.

The salon will also offer a unique Aroma Sensory Journey and stress-relieving experiences with Aveda’s exclusive Rituals of Renewal. These are deeply rooted in the brand’s heritage & designed to relax and rejuvenate every guest. A few of them include - the Comforting Tea Ritual, a cup of herbal drink upon arrival; Stress-Relieving Hand/Scalp Ritual, which allows guests to experience the calming effects of Aveda Stress–Fix products through a complimentary massage. The one-of-a-kind Aroma Sensory Journey is a guided tour of scent, sensuality, and memory to have a guest discover their preferred Chakra Balancing Pure-Fume Mist Aroma that truly speaks to them and helps balance their energy.

Founded in 1978, Aveda innovates in botanical technologies and green chemistry, combining the principles of modern science and Ayurveda, the ancient healing art of India. It creates cruelty-free, vegan, high-performance formulas for beauty professionals and consumers, all with sustainability at heart. Aveda’s hair care is over 90 percent naturally derived and features iconic pure-fume aromas from flower and plant essences. Their high-performance franchises, Invati Advanced™, Nutriplenish™, and Botanical Repair™ have each won dozens of awards for innovation, performance, and sustainability, and the brand was awarded the 2021 CEW Sustainability Excellence Award, which reflects the highest standards of sustainability values in the beauty industry.

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