Beco Launches 94 Pc Plastic-free Tetra-Pak Solution for Home Care Products 
Beco Launches 94 Pc Plastic-free Tetra-Pak Solution for Home Care Products 

Beco, a Mumbai-based D2C sustainable home and personal care brand has launched its first-ever Tetra-Pak refill solution for home care products. A sustainable alternative to plastic refill pouches, commonly used for laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, and other cleaning solutions, Beco’s tetra-pak is 94 percent plastic-free, with the only plastic components being the lid and the leakage-proof lining. 

Founded in 2019 by Aditya Ruia, Akshay Varma, and Anuj Ruia, Beco addresses the problem of environmental degradation caused by packaged consumer goods. India produces 3.5 million tonnes of plastic waste annually, and this number has doubled in the last five years. This is largely attributable to the unrecyclable product packaging solutions that are used across the board. As a solution to this, Beco’s Tetra-Pak refills for cleaners are 100 percent recyclable and part of its broader vision to introduce the usage of plastic-free cartons in the non-food grade segment. As a naturally derived product, this is available as a 1-liter refill pack and has a 36 percent lower carbon footprint as compared to products derived from polymers. 

Aditya Ruia, Co-founder, Beco said, “The singular focus of our approach at Beco has been on finding ways to reduce plastic use, and thereby eliminate the destructive impact of single-use plastics. While plastic bottles and plastic pouches take as many as 450 years to decompose, our Tetra-Pak solution takes only 5 years. In our estimate, if 3 million households were to replace even one plastic bottle with the tetrapack, the carbon emissions could be reduced by 50 percent - that is 165 million grams of carbon (as opposed to 333 million grams of carbon) over the product life cycle.”. 

Our mission is to make sustainability convenient for the Indian consumers by providing them with innovative alternatives for daily use products,  and our Tetra-Pak refill is one such step in our effort to render India a plastic-free nation”,  he added.   

Backed by actor and climate warrior Dia Mirza, the company recently raised $ 3 million in its Series A round led by Rukam Capital. The funding also witnessed the participation of several celebrities championing the cause of sustainability such as Aamir Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Rohit Sharma, and Bhumi Pednekar. 

Umang Sood, Creative Director, Beco said, “Primarily used for packaging food grade products like juices and milk, the tetrapak is an exceptionally environmentally friendly way to transport liquids. We believe that this solution can be extended to the home cleaner space, which is dominated by plastic packaging. Innovation in packaging, design, and product is the need of the hour as we build a greener India.” 

Beco is poised to become the go-to sustainable brand in India in the home and personal care space through its excellence in innovation and customer experience. The brand is currently undergoing a massive transformation by rebranding itself and is a targeted exercise towards positioning itself as one of the prime players in the green goods market, as it reflects the startup’s core value of sustainability and its drive towards ensuring a zero-waste future for the planet.

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