Benetton India to Expand Online and Offline Presence in 2021
Benetton India to Expand Online and Offline Presence in 2021

Benetton India is looking forward to strengthen its presence in the Indian market with the opening of new stores. The Italian fashion brand is expected to launch 30 to 40 new stores this year. It will also introduce its online store in the second half of the year.

Sundeep Chugh, CEO and General Manager, Benetton India, told a leading media organisation, “As the government is focused on getting India on the growth path and the upcoming vaccines, this year we will try to get back to 2019 business performance. In the festival season, business recovered by almost 80 to 85 percent compared to the same period in the previous year.”

Benetton India Eyes to Grow Online and Offline Presence in 2021

“In a heterogeneous market like India, consumer buying behavior runs through all channels and we will continue to focus on expanding our presence across all channels. The e-commerce channel is growing with a high double-digit CAGR due to the low penetration. So we will continue to use this opportunity in the right way,” Sundeep added.

Benetton India ventured into the Indian market in 1991. The brand has a network of around 350 physical stores throughout the country. It further aspires to grow online and offline, and capture more of the offline Indian market in 2021.

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Retail India News: Punit Balana Expands Product Portfolio with “Modern Jaipur"
Retail India News: Punit Balana Expands Product Portfolio with “Modern Jaipur"

Renowned designer Punit Balana recently unveiled his Spring Summer 24 collection, titled "Modern Jaipur," capturing the vibrancy and regality of his hometown. Drawing inspiration from a polo match in Jaipur, the collection beautifully weaves together the essence of the city, reflecting high society life with royals and aristocrats.

Imprinting his vision of Jaipur's life, Punit incorporates signature colors, Masoom Gulabi and Moonga, into the collection. The palette's softness and bold prints create the perfect blend of Modern Jaipur aesthetics. Collaborating with creators like Ankush Bahuguna and Sahiba Bali for the campaign, the collection showcases the talent behind the lens.

Punit Balana shared, "Modern Jaipur Collection celebrates the timeless elegance and vibrant spirit of my beloved hometown. Whether you're in Jaipur or a bustling cosmopolitan city, Modern Jaipur isn't just fashion; it's a cultural journey that becomes a part of your essence."

The collection pays homage to the city's past while embracing the contemporary spirit of today's society that confidently makes a statement. Regardless of whether you're in New York or Mumbai, Modern Jaipur transcends fashion, seamlessly becoming a part of your identity.


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