Nutritional Supplements Brand Caim by Arelang Ventures into India
Nutritional Supplements Brand Caim by Arelang Ventures into India

Caim by årelang™ has now launched in India. The brand offers exquisite, sugar-conscious supplements, in the form of delectable confectionery, made with thoughtfully sourced, potent plant-based extracts.

Founded by Nikita and Cyrus Naterwalla, Caim (pronounced KY-em), is a Gaelic word that means to form a magical circle around someone, so as to create protection, or a sanctuary. Caim’s products are designed to fit seamlessly into busy, modern lives, and aim to rejuvenate and reawaken good health via nutritional solutions rooted in age-old medicinal remedies, perfected with a scientific and modern spin.

Caim is the first offering from the parent company årelang Naturals®, a company that aims to educate and inspire consumers by simplifying and demystifying the health and wellness space. From sourcing the best quality, natural plant-based extracts to clinically testing every ingredient, the company addresses specific nutritional deficiencies and bodily requirements.

"The idea behind Caim was to offer people a really fun yet guilt-free way to take daily supplements, while still feeling like they’re indulging in a special treat. What’s really exciting for us, is that we’ve developed products that help customers take the guesswork out of what supplements they should be taking and why, while they are rest assured that they are getting just the right dose of what their bodies need, and will definitely feel the difference with regular consumption,” says Nikita.

Caim by årelang™ launched with Rekindle, a unique blend of clinically-tested, potent plant-based extracts in the form of guilt-free, sugar-conscious cocoa bars meant to boost the immune system, energy levels, and stamina, as well as supporting the hormones and elevating one’s mood. Rekindle offers special formulations created specifically for both men and women.

Rekindle comes in two delicious flavors – Brazilian Orange Zest and Espresso Shot. The company promises more interesting flavors in the coming months for its cocoa bar range. The architecture of each product has just the right proportions of these potent extracts, thus making them highly bioavailable – this means that the body is able to absorb all the goodness without eliminating it as waste or putting stress on the liver. 

Caim by årelang™ currently has over 20 products under formulation, and will next be launching the first in their range of gummies, that will focus on providing an adequate intake of daily greens, as well as of phytonutrients.

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