DIVAA by ORRA Launches in Mumbai

DIVAA by ORRA has been launched to address this shift in need and has just opened its first showroom at the Palladium mall in Lower Parel, Mumbai.
DIVAA by ORRA Launches in Mumbai

A diamond is forever as the famous ad line says. But now with the help of technology, diamonds are for everyone. 

Lab-grown diamonds or manmade diamonds have been in the news for quite a few years. But the growing acceptance and demand in the international markets have just been an indication of a shift in the Indian jewelry consumer’s behavior too. 

DIVAA by ORRA has been launched to address this shift in need and has just opened its first showroom at the Palladium mall in Lower Parel, Mumbai.

Dipu Mehta, MD and CEO, ORRA Fine Jewelry says, “These are exciting times. We have been seeing a surge in demand in the US for lab-grown diamond jewelry, especially with the younger consumer. And we are seeing this interest in India too now, in just a couple of weeks of the showroom being opened. DIVAA fits perfectly into the architecture of the brand ORRA as ORRA is focused on the higher ticket size diamond jewelry segment with bridal jewelry while DIVAA will be our special offering for the young, fashion-seeking audience with lab-grown diamond jewelry.”

With plans to launch additional stores and DIVVA website in the new year, the brand has already turned a few heads with a new concept store and a striking brand identity. A fresh yet cool green colour sets apart the store in a category that is governed by more mature tones. An open store and walk-through format allow consumers to browse through all the stunning designs, uninhibited. 

The brand also encourages the customers to accept e-invoices and e-certificates in their attempt to be kinder to the environment. The most exciting innovation by the brand has been its social media wall within the store, by which the customers can try on different pieces of jewelry, click their photos, and instantly share them to their social media wall – the customer can even take live polls on which jewelry they should buy with their social media followers. 

However, the showstopper at this retail showroom is their trendy, chic designs, across all categories like earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets, daily wear necklaces, bangles, and solitaire rings. And the biggest advantage is that consumers can now get almost double the diamond carats for the same price as mined diamond jewelry. Seeing the increasing acceptance of gifting in jewelry, the brand has also on display some interesting designs in zodiac pendants and alphabet pendants. 

The grandmaster, of course, for any diamond connoisseur, is always solitaire jewelry and you can actually experience the brilliance, fire, and sparkle with DIVAA’s patented 101 faceted diamond set in interesting ring designs. All DIVAA jewelry is set in 14kt and 18kt BIS Hallmarked gold and comes with third-party certification by SGL. 

What makes it even more interesting is that all the jewelry is set with cultivated diamonds that begin from VS clarity a G-H color upwards. With price points beginning from Rs.13,000, the brand promises to deliver better quality diamonds and more diamond carats at affordable prices.

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