Fixderma Ropes in Vaani Kapoor as Brand Ambassador

Vaani will also be seen endorsing Fixderma's newly launched products including the Face21 brightening range, Peelonate Alternate Day Peeling Cleanser, and Biphasic Makeup remover.
Fixderma Ropes in Vaani Kapoor as Brand Ambassador

It's no secret that sunscreen is essential for protecting our skin from the sun's damaging rays. Even on a cloudy day, using sunscreen is a crucial step in achieving healthy skin. 

But even today, there are a lot of misconceptions floating around regarding the usage and effectiveness of the product. Encouraging consumers to face the sun with confidence, Fixderma, a cosmeceutical brand providing skincare solutions has onboarded Bollywood actress Vaani Kapoor for its latest campaign #MeetYourRealSelf. With this campaign, the brand hopes to break the taboo and ignorance around the usage of sunscreen by stressing its benefits and breaking the myth around uncomfortable feel and texture. 

Powered by science and recommended by the best dermatologists of India, the latest product launch by the brand promises that the product protects even the most sensitive skin from the harsh effects of sun rays without resulting in any allergy or reaction on the skin. The digital campaign will also be promoted across the brand’s social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

The video showcases actress Vaani Kapoor’s love affair for her go-to skincare essential – Shadow SPF 50 Matte Sunscreen. Shot outdoor, the video portrays Vaani Kapoor modeling for a photoshoot wherein her photographer insists on arranging a shadow/cover above her to protect her skin. Cut to the next short, Vaani shares her secret about how her skin is always protected while stepping out by wearing Fixderma’s Shadow SPF 50 Matte Sunscreen. She expresses how the non-sticky sunscreen gives a matt finish and doesn’t reflect a white cast post-application ditching old views on sunscreen. The campaign is seen defying societal norms of people covering their true complexion and embracing their real skin.

Shaily Mehrotra, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Fixderma, said, “There is a lot of misinformation out there about the usage of sunscreen, leading the individuals to avoid its use, whereas, sunscreen is one of the most important elements in preventing skin cancer and premature aging.” 

The idea behind this campaign is to raise awareness about the importance of sunscreen while also encouraging people to embrace and maintain their true skin. We are glad to extend our association with Vaani Kapoor for our shadow SPF50 sunscreen since she truly embodies the spirit and ethos of Fixderma with her individuality and energy. Our goal is to increase the awareness amongst people that sunscreen is for everyone, regardless of gender or skin tone, and that they should always embrace their real self and protect their skin health,” she added.

Vaani will also be seen endorsing Fixderma’s newly launched products including the Face21 brightening range, Peelonate Alternate Day Peeling Cleanser, and Biphasic Makeup remover. 

This will be the brand’s second collaboration with a Bollywood celebrity. Earlier this year, the brand had roped in Boman Irani for their campaign #ByeByeDarkPatches for overcoming the common skin problem called Acanthosis Nigricans.

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