Luxury Eyewear Brand NUMI Paris Launches in India

NUMI Paris collection is now available on its dedicated website.
Luxury Eyewear Brand NUMI Paris Launches in India

Paris is the world capital of fashion, the birthplace of couture and all things artistic and elegant, the high seas of the world's foremost designers, fashionable people, and their innate sense of style. Many iconic brands have seen their inception in the lap of the buzzing Parisian culture and continue to reign the world over.

India has opened its arms to some of the iconic French brands, one often recalls its historical relationship with luxury brand Cartier. Cartier not only regaled the Indian royalty with its jewels and India-inspired designs, over time, but it also made every Indian client royalty. The Indo-French connection over good things in life and finer tastes remain to date. Taking this thought forward, Paris brings to its discerning consumers in India, NUMI Paris eyewear, trendsetting designs crafted in Paris, with a vision to grow beyond barriers of established, conventional ideas of luxury and enable people with the freedom to exercise one’s idiosyncratic style.

Luxury Eyewear Brand NUMI Paris Launches in India

Getting closer to Parisian fashion and couture is no longer a dream, with NUMI Paris. The new Spring/Summer 2021 collection ensures unrivalled charm and trending styles that will grip those who adorn it. Every pair is crafted with judiciously chosen material sourced from across specialized markets, put together with minute detailing and relentless effort.

A plethora of luxurious options crafted using MAZZUCCHELLI1849, the most elite Italian acetate along with VisotticaComotec German Hinges and Japanese titanium nose-pads warrants for an incomparable user experience. Behind every pair are 200 processes cutting edge across the barriers of design, innovation, and material, pushing consumers forward to be experimental and re-define the conventional style and mindsets.

Luxury Eyewear Brand NUMI Paris Launches in India

Jean-Phillipe Chilet, the Directeur du Development Commerciale for NUMI Paris has aspiring plans to transform the Indian market with a strong focus on the eyewear segment. He says, “India as a fashion hub has come of age and the many fashion and luxury brands that have made India home for decades is a testimony to that fact. The Indian consumer today is well-read, well-travelled, fashionable, and experimental by nature which makes it a win-win situation for brands to launch into India. In the eyewear segment specifically, not much has been explored, and that gives us the potential ground to tap with NUMI Paris. We’re happy to launch in India and we know our collection will create a trend and become a name to reckon with over the years.”

NUMI Paris collection is now available on its dedicated Website.

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