NRI Chaiwala’s Jagdish Kumar to Enter the FMCG Sector
NRI Chaiwala’s Jagdish Kumar to Enter the FMCG Sector

Jagdish Kumar, the founder of NRI Chaiwala, has announced plans to enter the FMCG sector by launching flavored tea packets in a variety of flavors such as ginger, lemon, and elaichi, as well as some of his own special flavored teas. 

The team also intends to expand and enter the markets of London and Dubai. Along with this, they intend to introduce 50 new tea flavors, with the goal of reaching a revenue of Rs 100 crore by 2026.

With an active database of over 50,000 customers, the company currently employs 35 people and has a turnover of Rs 1.2 crore in less than a year. Jagdish's background and profession earned him the moniker 'NRI Chaiwala.' He created his own Chai Masala, which helps to enhance the flavor of the tea.

Jagdish Kumar, Founder of NRI Chaiwala said, "Entering the FMCG sector is a big step because it will be done in a different way, and if it is well received, we will be expanding our company, even more, adding more flavors and opening up more outlets. I'm grateful to those who value tea as much as I do, and their belief inspires me to serve more."

NRI Chaiwala, a tea shop that serves 35 different types of tea, is known for its innovative ideas and distinct taste. Jagdish's main goal is to bring innovation to the traditional chai industry and to reveal tea's true potential for improving our immune systems. His background in tea blending has aided him greatly in his quest to build NRI Chaiwala from the ground up.

Started from scratch by selling usual tea, he then started a brand named Chotu Chaiwalah serving 35 variants of tea like Adrak Elaichi Vali chai, Cutting chai, Kadak chai, tandoori chai, etc and their most popular varieties with quirky names like- Mummy Ke Hath Wali Chai, Mardo Wali Chai, Corporate Wali Chai, and Dosto Wali Chai are what makes it a unique point of attraction.

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