OZiva Launches Growth Protein Drink for Kids

Protein is one of the most essential macronutrients required for growing children and studies show a growing gap in the daily intake of protein amongst Indian kids.
OZiva Launches Growth Protein Drink for Kids

OZiva, one of India’s leading certified clean, plant-based nutrition and wellness brands, announced the launch of OZiva Kids Superfood Growth Protein Drink, a clean protein blend, fortified with 6 Ayurvedic herbs and 27 essential vitamins and minerals catering to the daily protein needs of kids aged 5 and above. 

Protein is one of the most essential macronutrients required for growing children and studies show a growing gap in the daily intake of protein amongst Indian kids. The Superfood Growth Protein Mix helps complete this daily requirement by offering 30 percent protein along with other essential nutrients that support growth, boosted energy, strong bone health, eye health, and immunity in children. Available in two delicious flavors, creamy vanilla and rich chocolate, this health drink for kids can be bought on OZiva’s official website and other major e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. 

Various research reports state that the protein consumption amongst children is very low in India and this number remains unchanged in the past 2 decades. A UNICEF report also highlights the decline in consumption of fruits and vegetables (calories from these). Such diets with incomplete nutrition can have a huge negative impact on the health and growth of children. 

Aarti Gill, Co-founder, OZiva, said, “Protein has been one of the most neglected macronutrients in Indian diets, especially for vegetarians. And this is even more evident in kids. Many parents we have spoken to have raised their concerns over getting children to have the right nutrition to support growth and development. Unfortunately, many of them have limited understanding of the importance of protein in the growth of children.” 


OZiva Kids Superfood Growth Protein Drink is aimed at completing the daily protein requirement in children while providing added benefits of superfoods, vitamins, and minerals. This product aligns with the demand for fulfilling the desired nutrition levels of children after the wide acceptance of our superfood gummies. Like other ranges, we hope to receive a positive response from children and parents for Growth Protein Mix, which is an effective solution for muscle, bone, and overall growth and energy in children,” she added.

OZiva Kids Superfood Growth Protein contains 30 percent protein, higher than many health drinks available in the market dedicated to children. It is 100 percent clean, i.e devoid of harmful chemicals and artificial sweeteners like Maltodextrin. This drink is an ideal healthy, nutritious, and tasty option for fussy eaters that provide ample nutrition in a single-serve, aiding parents to accomplish their kids’ development milestones. 

The clean protein blend helps growth of muscles, bones (and other vital organs) and also aids their repair and maintenance. It contains multivitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, B6, B12, Iron etc that strengthens immunity, improves eye health and overall digestive health. 

Apart from this, OZiva Kids' range comprises other healthy options like Kids Superfood Brain Multi Gummies for enhanced brain health, Kids Superfood Immunity Multi Gummies for improved immunity, and Kids Superfood Vision Multi Gummies for healthy eyes and vision. The entire range is priced at Rs 499 and is available on its online platform, Amazon and Flipkart.

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