OZiva Forays into Kid's Nutrition Segment

OZiva's new sub-brand claims to be 100 percent clean superfood gummies fortified with ayurvedic herbs
OZiva Forays into Kid's Nutrition Segment

OZiva, a plant-based nutrition and wellness brand, recently announced its entry into the kid's nutrition segment with the launch of OZiva Kids.


Research states that kids’ growth and brain development are the topmost concerns of parents today. Due to the changing lifestyles and increased consumption of unhealthy foods, kids are lacking essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, protein, and more.


Most kids are also fussy eaters, which in turn leads to them facing nutrition deficiencies, and is the cause of major concern amongst parents. The company aims to bridge this gap in kids’ nutrition with its new sub-brand.


“For parents, there is nothing more important than their kids’ health and wellbeing. In the past few years, many mothers who have been consuming OZiva have reached out to us as they were looking for healthier nutrition options for their kids. After speaking to them, we realized that there is a dearth of clean nutrition products that are free of harmful ingredients like maltodextrin, heavy metals, etc. in the kid's category.  With OZiva Kids, we hope to provide safe and effective solutions for these parents and kids. The initial trials with kids have been promising with both the kids and parents giving us a thumb up,” Aarti Gill, Co-founder of OZiva, said.


Under OZiva Kids, the company is offering a range of superfoods, fortified with essential nutrients and blended with powerful ayurvedic herbs, to cater to the varied needs of growing children. Taste is another factor that has been kept in mind while developing these products.


The company aims to empower people to be healthier and better. It is India’s first certified Clean Label Brand that offers an inspirational range of holistic plant-based nutrition, beauty, and health products.

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