PM Launches 5G Services in India
PM Launches 5G Services in India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated 5G services in India, marking the beginning of the use of the next generation network in the country. However, 5G services will not be available in the whole country in a snap.

The 5G services will be rolled out in a phased manner. The 13 cities where 5G networks will be launched first include Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Gandhinagar, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Jamnagar, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, and Pune.

The rest of India’s cities, towns, and villages will get access to the next-gen network over the following months, and within two to three years, 5G network is set to come to entire India. For the uninitiated, 5G is a newer generation of data speeds that not only make your downloads faster but pave a path for a number of new use-cases from cloud gaming to autonomous vehicles.

However, telecom providers like Airtel, Jio, and Vodafone Idea may roll out 5G services in these 13 cities in a phased manner, which means if you are residing in one of these regions, it may still be a while before you can still use the service. Key cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai are expected to be the very first regions to get 5G access, as also confirmed by Reliance Jio, which is set to launch its 5G plans in these cities by Diwali this year.

5G also has a number of other use cases beyond faster download speeds. The service will also be used in various public services including the health sector, smart farming, and disaster management.

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