Rivaah by Tanishq Unveils its 'Romance of Polki' Collection in Metaverse

The 'Romance of Polki' celebrates the Indian heritage and is the epitome of exquisite craftsmanship.
Rivaah by Tanishq Unveils its ‘Romance of Polki’ Collection in Metaverse

Rivaah by Tanishq, wedding jewelry focussed sub-brand from the house of Tanishq, has unveiled its breath-taking Polki collection in a virtual press conference hosted on the Metaverse platform to create a highly immersive and personalized 3D virtual experience for its viewers. This is the first time any Indian jewelry brand has launched a jewelry collection through an experiential led-event on the Metaverse.

The exclusive, ‘Romance of Polki’ collection is a glorious celebration of time-honored artisanal craftsmanship and is inspired by the land of Rajasthan where this age-old Polki craftsmanship was honed by the legacy of master karigars for ages. The ‘Romance of Polki’ celebrates the Indian heritage and is the epitome of exquisite craftsmanship.

Tanishq’s new Polki collection is designed to flatter, yet appeal to all the senses, this collection breathes new life into a bride’s traditional treasure trove and a coquettish charm to every gesture she makes. From diamonds, ruby, emeralds to pearls- Tanishq’s range of bespoke Polki pieces is rich in design stunningly capturing the splendor of heritage jewelry. 

The Metaverse Experience

Guests who joined the launch on Metaverse were welcomed to the 3D display zones on the Metaverse where signature pieces from ‘Romance of Polki’ were displayed. The guests created their own 3D avatar and viewed the jewelry from different angles, allowing them to examine each of the bespoke pieces in detail. 


The guests were also able to try on the Showstopper piece from the collection using QR Codes which were augmented on their mobile phones. The Metaverse experience named ‘Rivaahverse’allowed the participants to converse, socialize with other viewers, and witness the live launch of 14 signature pieces from the ‘Romance of Polki’ collection.

The collection encapsulated the beauty and pure extravagance of uncut diamonds refined by centuries-old craftsmanship. These heritage pieces flaunt sleek modern designs, exotic gemstones, and intricate gold and meenakari work. 

From sleek pieces that elevate evening and cocktail silhouettes to heritage pieces such as chokers, haars, and mathapattis tailored to traditional ensembles for mehndi, haldi, and weddings, this range has something for every occasion. The versatile pieces from the collection have something for everyone, from the bride to mother-of-the-bride/groom, bridesmaids, and more, this collection transcends eras and styles to celebrate every woman.

Ajoy Chawla, CEO of, the Jewelry Division at Titan Company Limited said, “We are pleased to launch India’s first jewelry collection on the Metaverse platform. Marrying opulence of yesteryears with contemporary design aesthetics, the ‘Romance of Polki’ collection crafted by Tanishq’s master karigars speaks volumes about our Indian heritage and exquisite craftsmanship. The collection has been designed for the new-age bride who is rediscovering her tradition and looking for traditional regal jewelry with a contemporary spin.

"This collection features intricately layered necklaces, ornate chokers, earrings, maangtikkas and bangles. Romance of Polki collection has products with differentiated designs that can be worn for the many different functions associated with the big fat Indian wedding,” he added.

The Collection is available at select Tanishq stores in India. For more details, please contact your nearest Tanishq store or visit the website.

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