Satya Paul by Rajesh Pratap Singh to Launch Carbon Zero Tencel Fibers

The colorful and sustainable collection titled 'The Master's Words' will pay tribute to the late Satya Paul who passed away earlier this year and launch the revolutionary Carbon zero TENCEL fibers.
Satya Paul by Rajesh Pratap Singh to Launch Carbon Zero Tencel Fibers

FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week is all set to host a live showcase of Carbon Zero TENCEL™ fibers and Satya Paul by Rajesh Pratap Singh at the finale of Sustainable Fashion Day of Lakme Fashion Week 2021.

The colorful and sustainable collection titled ‘The Master’s Words’ will pay tribute to the late Satya Paul who passed away earlier this year and launch the revolutionary carbon zero TENCEL™ fibers.

As a brand, Satya Paul has echoed sustainability over the years and experimented with a range of fabrics. The upcoming ready-to-wear collection in association with the Carbon zero TENCEL™ fibers by Lenzing is a stride in this direction and addresses the growing demand around circular fashion and carbon neutrality.

In addition to having a higher environmental value, the carbon zero TENCEL™ fibers will also feature the functional benefits of standard TENCEL™ fibers including gentleness on the skin, long-lasting softness, silky smoothness, enhanced breathability, and color retention.  These fibers are certified as CarbonNeutral® and Lenzing’s key initiative towards its goal of reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Having been about a year with Satya Paul, RPS who has always had sustainability in his own practice has strived to make the brand more contemporary and also worked towards making it more sustainable not only in terms of production but also by using fibers that are sustainable.  These practices have made the entire collaboration have a deeper and truer meaning.

Speaking about the association Avinash Mane, Commercial Director, South Asia, Lenzing Group shared, “We are pleased to introduce our most innovative offering – Carbon zero TENCEL™ fiber at this season’s Lakmé Fashion Week. It is an honor to co-present a collection that is an ode to the late Satya Paul, an artist extraordinaire who redefined traditional Indian fashion. At Lenzing, we are on a journey to true carbon zero, with a vision to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 and contribute to the carbon-neutral fashion industry. Our collaboration with Satya Paul by RPS will allow consumers to explore the frontiers of aesthetic appeal and make a difference to our planet.”

True to Satya Paul’s brand DNA, creative director- Rajesh Pratap Singh will present a contemporary collection for men and women that embody bold prints and silhouettes that go from streetwear to evening wear.

Rajesh Pratap Singh said, “This collection is a burst of optimism at a time of global volatility. ‘The Master's Words’ threads together the past and present in 2021, where we take this journey to the next level by prioritizing sustainable design, as we work with cleaner fabrics that are gentle on the earth. Several of the dresses, trousers, and shirts in this collection are made with Carbon Zero Tencel, a sustainable fiber produced by Lenzing. Entirely biodegradable, its only residue is water that regenerates the earth. What we wear is what we leave behind, and it is through this joyous collection that we explore the restorative effects of circular living.”

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