Sid's Farm Strengthens Dairy Products Portfolio
Sid's Farm Strengthens Dairy Products Portfolio

Sid's farm has now come up with cow and buffalo curd cups, that are highly nutritious and economical. The launch of the curds will help the consumers to choose the curd prepared from the milk of their preference, thus satisfying its regular consumers and attracting new ones.

Kishore Indukuri, Founder, Sid’s Farm, says, "Unlike many other curds and yogurts available in the market, with added preservatives, the curd launched by Sid's farm reminds us of the delicious taste of homemade curd with no added preservatives, flavors, and hormones. The company believes the fact that curd is more acceptable by the customers than any other milk product. Moreover, it is easier to digest as compared to milk, thus can be consumed by people of any age group. It also helps to clean the digestive tract, leading to a healthy lifestyle."

The buffalo milk curd available in a cup of 475 grams costs Rs 80 while the cow milk curd, available in the same cup of 475 grams costs Rs 70. 

Sid's Farm Strengthens Dairy Products Portfolio

Sid's Farm tests every batch of milk extensively looking at several parameters like adulterants, antibiotics, hormones, taste, and smell before taking the milk forward in the production process of dairy products. Currently, the company does an average of 2,000 tests daily on milk to ensure its consumers receive the best quality dairy products. Starting from the quality of the product they maintain under the guidance of supervisors to the hygienic production process, Sid's Farm is working with immense dedication to stand up in the market. 

The launch of curds is expecting to expand its reach, as the brand focuses on the best for its customers. Unlike other dairy products in the market, the company uses pure and tested raw materials for manufacturing its products, hence providing one of the best value to its customers. 

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