Sleep Solutions Brand SleepyCat Expands Product Portfolio
Sleep Solutions Brand SleepyCat Expands Product Portfolio

SleepyCat, one of internet’s most loved sleep solutions brands providing quality and innovative sleep solution products for complete relaxation, has expanded its product portfolio with the launch of its therapeutic 'Weighted Blankets' that contributes to an improved and more natural sleep cycle.

They help improve one’s sleep and aids in easing stress and anxiety by reducing the body’s stress hormones and increasing the production of the happy hormone, serotonin. The luxurious softcover of the Weighted Blankets provides a relaxed and snuggly feeling.

With the Covid-19 Pandemic and the resulting lockdown, the past year has brought with it increased levels of stress, fear of the unknown, and restless anxiety. The Weighted Blankets offer the best solution to such forms of fear and anxiety, which can be experienced in the comfort of your home. These blankets are specially designed for restless sleepers to offer a sense of relaxation and stress relief. This leads to calming benefits such as reduced anxiety, alleviated insomnia, reduction in nervous system activity, resulting in an improvement in the overall well-being.

The exceptional 'Weighted Blankets' are curated using the innovative principle of deep touch pressure. Made using superior quality colorless high-density glass beads, the blankets stimulate the pressure points, helping the body relax into a state of deep sleep and complete rejuvenation, leading to a fresh start every morning. The deep touch therapy provides continuous hands-on pressure to the body, reducing the stress hormone, cortisol, and increasing the production of serotonin.

Sleep Solutions Brand SleepyCat Expands Product Portfolio

A pioneer in the space of innovation, SleepyCat’s 'Weighted Blankets' are intelligently designed with small 3X3 inch square baffle box pockets filled precisely with 14gm of glass beads that are stitched to perfection, in the form of accurately tucked mini pockets. This inventive design prevents any form of shifting while providing you with the utmost comfort with its balanced weight distribution.

Part of SleepyCat’s premium consumer-first, authentic and purpose-driven products, these blankets are made with the most superior choice of filling which is ecologically friendly in nature. The high-density glass beads are virtually shatterproof, completely odorless, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic, reducing any form of adverse effects on the environment. They offer both, deeper stimulation and calmness with the use of an extraordinarily soft, snuggly, and highly durable surface.

Available in a clean, simple and soothing to the eye Charcoal Grey color variant, each of these blankets weigh 7 kilos, most suited in alignment with the bodyweight thereby giving you the greatest sense of security. The Weighted Blankets by SleepyCat are recommended for dry cleaning or a hand wash to maintain the inner layers and enhance their durability. 

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