Solethreads Plans an Aggressive Expansion Across India
Solethreads Plans an Aggressive Expansion Across India

Solethreads, a leading casual footwear brand that started in 2019, is all set to increase its retail footprint by 5X in 2022. After establishing its presence in more than 400 multi-brand outlets early this year, Solethreads will close this financial year with a presence in more than 2,000 stores. 

The young footwear start-up which is the winner of Amazon Global Seller Accelerator 2022, is already making a mark with more than 150 percent YOY growth in its online customer base and is well placed to repeat the same success in the offline space. 

With the recent expansion, the company aims to be present across the top 100 cities of India. 

Sumant Kakaria, CEO and Founder said, "This year our revenue grew more than 4X in multi-brand outlets, by adopting agile supply chain methodologies and consistent design innovations, which makes for a high growth retail partnership. The brand has also forayed into large format retail with Metro shoes, and it has been a very successful partnership with our products already available in over 200 of their stores pan India."

Imran Virji -Director, Regal Shoes said,” We are very happy to partner with leading open footwear brand Solethreads. We have closely seen their potential and we have our trust in the brand and the category. We are sure that our customers will be happy with the Solethreads products in our stores."

In the last financial year, Solethreads significantly optimized its production as well as service infrastructure for both agility and efficiency. With nationwide refill and no MOQ policy, Solethreads is able to widen its distributor network across the nation faster than any start-up in its category. 

With one of the shortest re-stocking cycles for its Distributors, Solethreads never compromises on operational efficacy. Their attitude of staying on top of trends and quality makes for a very productive partnership,” said Rahul Chopra of Stellar Corporation who is one of the 20+ distributors who vouches for the efficient service machinery of Solethreads in the northern region. 

Even in southern India, the story is no different as Suresh Menon of Frontline Sales, Kerala said, “Solethreads' products are without any doubt at par with international brands we have worked with in the past but what is more encouraging is how Solethreads has become our go-to brand for casual open footwear, which is a very fast-moving category in South India. This speaks volumes about the potential Solethreads has.

Solethreads is not only targeting to expand in traditional distribution retail but has an ambitious goal to penetrate large format retail stores and specialty retail as well. To facilitate this, they have brought Lokesh Chopra on board as the Director of Retail Sales. Lokesh, who comes with an experience of 25+ years in Footwear, Apparel, and Lifestyle domains, is leading the expansion from the front.

India is the most promising market, with the potential to become the largest producer and consumer of non-leather footwear.  It's projected to grow 8 folds by 2030. Globally, the majority of footwear consumption has become nonleather and India is witnessing a similar trend. Demand for casual footwear like flip flops, slippers, casual shoes, and Sneakers will significantly increase as the consumer demands both style and comfort. We at Solethreads promise to address this need for our customers and consumers,” added Lokesh Chopra.

Armed with these audacious goals and a strong team, Solethreads will be a player to watch out for in the Indian footwear market.

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Retail India News: Zoya Elevates Personal Style with 'A Love Affair' Series
Retail India News: Zoya Elevates Personal Style with 'A Love Affair' Series

Zoya introduced the "A Love Affair with Yourself" collection, offering rare symbols of self-love that transcend time and embody the spirit of the Zoya woman. With a focus on meaningful connections between jewellery and the wearer, Zoya's latest campaign elevates the enduring love affair a woman has with herself.

According to Amanpreet Ahluwalia, Brand Head of Zoya, each jewellery piece narrates a powerful story of awakening feminine elements, serving as a talisman of self-acceptance and a gesture of self-love. The campaign acknowledges the woman's celebration of her journey, embracing strength, individuality, and fostering a deep connection with herself.

The collection reflects the Zoya woman's infinite femininity through exquisite creations, with the highest standards of craftsmanship at the core of each piece. Notable among them is the "Aeterna" collection, featuring a pink amethyst inspired by platonic solids atop a diamond-studded ring, symbolizing an ocean of feminine energy drawing inspiration from the 'Flower of Life.'

The "Eternal Secret of Life" piece converges sacred symbols of creation, where a custom-cut pink amethyst holds the eternal bloom of the flower of life in rose gold, surrounded by clear baguette diamonds forming the ancient Vesica Piscis.

In the "Refractions of the Infinite" necklace, design and craftsmanship unite to present a golden symbol of the flower of life, intricately crafted behind a custom-cut pink amethyst in rose gold. The vesica piscis on the precipice of a fractal is adorned with brilliant cut diamonds, creating everlasting symmetry.

"My Embrace Bangle" stands as an iconic symbol of self-acceptance, celebrating the entirety of an individual. The seamless union of two precious metals translates the joy of embracing oneself just as they are.

The "Scarlet Macaw Necklace" captures the vibrancy of the scarlet macaw's plumes, featuring a turquoise stone with rows of sapphires, rubies, and diamonds in shifting hues, symbolizing the strength and brilliance akin to the Scarlet Macaw's feathers. The collection reflects Zoya's commitment to providing timeless jewellery pieces that resonate with self-expression and individuality.


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