SPACES Introduces Air-Purifying Bedsheets and Comforters
SPACES Introduces Air-Purifying Bedsheets and Comforters

SPACES, Welspun India Limited's marquee home linen brand is introducing first-of-its-kind air-purifying bedsheets and comforters in India that absorb harmful indoor gases such as carbon dioxide and N0X, assuring families a healthier and uninterrupted good night's sleep. 

Equipped with pure air technology, the cotton bedsheets also carry anti-odor and anti-bacterial properties, making them the preferred range of safe and comfortable home linen products for hygiene-conscious buyers. 

The launch will be supported by a cross-channel campaign, featuring a creative video and a banner that will be released on OTT platforms and outdoor advertising (OOH) outlets, respectively.

It is estimated that 45 percent of the world's adult population suffers from sleep deprivation. The key reasons behind it include constant exposure to air conditioners, low ventilation, and high aerosol density in enclosed rooms, among others. These factors have also been linked to increased respiratory and health problems such as cough, allergies, and breathlessness. With people staying outdoors for most of the day, their rooms are deprived of adequate sunlight and ventilation necessary for promoting a healthy sleep cycle. 

To tackle this growing concern, SPACES, in association with Primlab-Spain, is encouraging people to 'Breathe easy. Sleep happy’ by opting for an affordable range of bedsheets and comforters that are made using CO2 Pure, a 100 percent natural mineral compound. Effective up to 30 washes, the air-purifying bedcovers can perform the organic function of around 300-500 leaves each day.

The accompanying digital film conceptualized by Ogilvy portrays a young couple struggling to sleep on their faded bedsheets at night. Twisting and turning, the couple exhibits the restlessness that several people experience due to the presence of polluted and stuffy air in their bedrooms. 

The video proceeds to take a fun twist as the dull bedsheet is replaced with SPACES' new air-purifying bedcovers while upbeat music takes over the sound of a speeding clock. Filmed using the stop motion technique, the couple is seen dancing in their sleep in celebration of breathing in cleaner and refreshing air, bringing home the point that comfortable breathing is accompanied by a happy sleep cycle.

Manjari Upadhye, CEO – Domestic Business, Welspun India Limited commented, "The quality of sleep is crucial for everybody, and it is directly linked to the air quality in their bedroom environment. While we amply worry about smoke, dust, and smog outside, we tend to forget that we spend more time inside our homes. This poses a problem because lack of adequate ventilation leads to an increased concentration of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and other volatile organic compounds. The fact of high particulate matter density in cities only aggravates the problem. With the rise of remote and hybrid work culture in the post-pandemic landscape, the matter of indoor air pollution can no longer be ignored as it can make people more susceptible to respiratory problems and infections. Against this backdrop, we are thrilled to launch the first set of air-purifying bedcovers in India.” 

“Besides purifying the air in the bedroom environment, the bedsheets also ensure a safer and more hygienic sleeping environment thanks to their anti-microbial properties. Through our innovative and affordable range of bedsheets made using pure air Technology, we aim to help our customers to breathe easy and sleep happy," she added.

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