Tata Tea Premium Makes Debut in Metaverse

The brand becomes the first in the world to celebrate the colorful festival of Holi on a futuristic tech virtual platform.
Tata Tea Premium Makes Debut in Metaverse

In continuation of its hyper-local approach to offer unique customer experiences, Tata Tea Premium has made its debut in the metaverse world by hosting a first-of-its-kind Holi party on the platform. With this initiative, the brand becomes the first in the world to celebrate the colorful festival of Holi on a futuristic tech virtual platform.

Upon entering the platform, consumers can don their favorite avatars and enjoy the splash of colors with various engaging Holi games.

Commenting on the initiative, Puneet Das, President - Packaged Beverages (India and South Asia), Tata Consumer Products said “Offering novel and disruptive experiences to our customers will continue to remain a key priority for us.  Tata Tea Premium as a brand has always aimed to engage with our customers through unique campaigns. Tata Tea Premium has launched special festive packs capturing the excitement of Holi for some of its markets like Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. We are also extremely excited to launch Tata Tea Premium’s Holi Party in Metaverse, which is an effort to leverage the growing power of digital storytelling and personalization, as a means, to connect with our customers. This campaign will enable people to celebrate Holi and the festive elements associated with it like the regional songs, delicacies, stories in a new medium.”

Utkarsh Shukla, Founder & CEO of YUG Metaverse stated, “We at YUG Metaverse believe in celebrating and showcasing the Pride of India. Holi is one of the biggest festivals in India, so we are doing World's First Holi on Metaverse so that people can come and play Holi with their family and friends, in a manner which has never ever been experienced before. India is a large country where different places have different traditions and we are happy to partner with Tata Tea Premium which has roots in the culture of India, to bring the regional and hyperlocal nuances of the Holi celebrations to the world.”

Vishal Jacob, Chief Digital Officer, Wavemaker – GroupM added, “At Wavemaker we have set up a team to help brands navigate through the Metaverse as it provides for a far more engaging way for brands to connect with consumers. Brands will now need to redefine the rules of engagement. For instance, engaging with Avatars rather than people and story making rather than storytelling. The TCPL Holi celebration in the Metaverse is a good example of that.”

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